Mirage Game Studios is a game development company located in sunny Karlstad, Sweden.
The company was founded by four avid gamers with roots in the area during fall of 2016 in collaboration with THQ Nordic. The team as well as the game has grown quite a bit since then, both in scope and capabilities.


We are hard at work on our new project with a team of eleven game enthusiasts and are happy to have some new people in our team. We are looking forward to telling you more about our new project as soon as we can.


Our first game Little Big Workshop was released on 17th of October 2019. LWB is a beginner-friendly game about small factories in the manufacturing industry.


As a player you will take on the role of a manager, responsible for everything that goes on in your factory. Your main focus will be on the factory floor and practical challenges, such as managing your workers, maintaining and purchasing machinery, designing efficient production lines - all within the time-limit and to your clients satisfaction!


A year after our first release, just before Halloween, Little Big Workshop - The Evil DLC saw the light of the day. In The Evil DLC you can learn how to run a successful factory that does not play by the rules.


Our team currently consists of eleven people, a merry mix coming from different walks of life. We have graphic designers, musicians, front- and backend developers, game designers to wrap it all together and of course a producer to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

We are looking for more good people to join our crew in the future. Feel free to get in contact with us if you think you are a person who fits into our studio.